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12 September 2017The Silver Thread: silver filigree and traditional arts in Kosovo
11 July 2017Treasures of the Turf: the Fine and Decorative Arts of Horseracing
09 May 2017The Making of Landscape Photographs
11 April 2017David Hockney- A Certain Generosity of Spirit
14 March 2017Painting the Modern Garden: from Monet to Matisse
14 February 2017Paintbrushes at Dawn: the Worlds greatest Artistic feuds ,rows and quarrels
10 January 2017A History of Western Painting in 12 Masterpieces
13 December 2016Drink Thy Wine with a Merry Heart
08 November 2016Children's Books Illustrations
11 October 2016The Mystery of Holbein's Ambassadors
13 September 2016The Country Houses of Australia
12 July 2016A Passion for Piers
10 May 2016Dale Chihuly: the worlds foremost glass artist
12 April 2016Japanese Art and the West
15 March 2016Venice and Vivaldi
09 February 2016American Glamour: 150 Years of Tiffany & Co's Jewellery.
12 January 2016The New Cumberland Art Gallery at Hampton Court Palace.
08 December 2015Splendours of Gold and Silver in the Royal Collection
10 November 2015When Britain clicked: Fab Photographs of the Swinging Sixties
13 October 2015Temples, Tombs and Treasure in search of the Queen of Sheba
08 September 2015Unrolling a Secret: The Chinese Wallpaper at Harewood House
14 July 2015Telling the Time throughout the Ages
12 May 2015Man Ray: the Magic Man
14 April 2015Gilded Glories: The Fascinating History of Gilding
10 March 2015The Indian Textile Trade: Kashmir Shawls to Chintz
10 February 2015Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera:The Golden Age of Mexican Painting
13 January 2015Wallace Collection's Rembrandts: From 12 to one
16 December 2014Covent Garden at Christmas: 300 years of Christmas Shows
11 November 2014Eric Ravilious: A life in Pictures
14 October 2014Guerra; Guerra; Music: The Arts and War 1800-2000
16 September 2014The Plantation Houses of America
08 July 2014The Artists of Montmartre: the Pilgrims of Babylon
20 May 2014The Tiger in Asian Art: A Symbol of Power and Persuasion
08 April 2014A Child of Six can do it: Cartoonists on Modern Art
11 March 2014Easter Presents from Fabergé
11 February 2014Out of the Blue: The Story of Blue in Art

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The Silver Thread: silver filigree and traditional arts in Kosovo Elizabeth Gowling Tuesday 12 September 2017

A silver thread winds through Kosovo' s history.In Prziren a seventh generation of filigree artisans use filum,granum,zigzags and other twists and turns to magic lacy creations from dull sticks of raw material. The results are a fine narrative of Kosovo's history and traditions


Elizabeth Gowling studied at Magdalen College Oxford. and moved to Kosovo in 2006 to  work in the Ethnological Museum in Prishtin. Elizabeth speaks fluent Albanian and has written three books about Kosovo